Rich Goldstein

Spooky Actions at a Distance...
Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.

Do you know how some people talk to themsevles? Some people write notes, and perhaps send notes to themselves. They leave a trail of yellow stickies or stacks of paper around so they do not forget anything - except perhaps, exactly which piece of paper or which yellow sticky the wrote that note of number... that they just cannot seem to find when they need it?

Well, welcome to my world, or perhaps it belongs to James Thurber? I take pretty decent notes... wordy notes, but they aren't pretty and I am not sure how helpful they are to share without cleaning them up. I opt for OneNote or EverNote where it is just easy to capture images and other graphics.

Here I am going to attempt to save the notes, the information, the bits of work and code I have done that can help me... and should be more easily located... and yeah, even shared.

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