Google sucks (Or they are so secure they are useless)

23 Jun 2023

Passwords that may be compromised because they were exposed to a recent breach… visual captcha… audible captcha… I think I am going back to mfa and using for my password Pa55w0rD! Seriously, I tried to access an older gmail account and having changed the password one too many times I just could not remember. My keychain was not loaded on this paricular machine but I was pretty sure I knew the password. Still, being challenged, and then having to prove that I am human and not a bot by solving a captcha just beat the crap out of me…

Enter your password… done! Enter the letter displayed in the captcha… are you freakin’ kidding me??!! Was that a one or the letter ‘L’? is that a lower-case t or fancy f? Each time you have to enter your password again and try to decipher another captcha… was it the captcha? was I wrong about the password?

Did you try the audible capcha? OMG! that is even worse… was anything being said? Write down the letters and characters I hear? WTF?! I heard nothing… or rather, it was just all background noise! that was completely useless.

I gave up.. I wrote this and am going to sleep. The effort isn’t worth what I wanted to do. Plus, now I can’t even remember why I was trying to access that old email account.